Electronic Collaboration

Our extensive experience with online collaboration allows us to optimize Internet-based resources for on-demand information sharing throughout the planning, design, documentation, and construction phases. Our project managers can provide more information and assistance for establishing the required user account for any of these resources.

The Ellenzweig ShareFile FTP Site. We offer our customized ShareFile FTP site for the transfer of large files to augment the day-to-day file transfer that our e-mail system also allows. The Ellenzweig ShareFile FTP site allows large files to be transferred much more efficiently than is possible by e-mail.

Centralized Content Collaboration. Newforma’s Project Center, Meridian Systems' Prolog, Autodesk's Constructware, Sword Group's Sword CTSpace, and Autodesk's Buzzsaw are online collaborative project web sites that provide centralized locations for the storing, sharing, and management of project information throughout the planning, design, and construction phases. Ellenzweig has successfully completed substantive projects using all of these collaborative web services. "Full-desktop" and "web" versions are available for these services, and we work with our clients and consultants to assure that the appropriate version is utilized.

The Ellenzweig CA Database. We use this completely customized, consolidated database as a powerful tool for construction administration. We host strategic reporting from this database to the Project Center, Prolog, Constructware, Sword CTSpace, Buzzsaw, and Ellenzweig ShareFile FTP sites—customized for the specific needs of our clients and consultants.