Design Philosophy


Our design approach embraces a collaborative process of discovery, finding ways to bring people together to solve common problems. This open, creative approach has allowed us to challenge the traditional boundaries of the buildings we design, transforming the visual character of our projects as well as the experiences of those who use them.


Our architecture celebrates the program and mission of a building, while respecting its immediate and historical context. We stress the social aspect of architecture in our methodology and in our completed work, acknowledging that successful buildings are environments where people thrive. We endeavor to create an architecture of coherence and order that fosters a spirit of community. Our buildings are technically sophisticated, yet versatile and welcoming.


Our architecture is responsive to the earth's pressing environmental challenges, with energy efficiency fully integrated into our systems design. We determinedly strive to reduce the building sector’s carbon emissions by limiting energy demand, recycling waste energy, and harvesting renewable resources in creative and adaptive ways.


We see the continual balancing of program, technology, and context as an elaborate choreography from which a humane and rational architecture can emerge. We also believe that significant architecture integrates emerging technologies as it adapts to the environmental challenges of the future.