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Virginia Commonwealth University
Pharmacy Programming Study and Phased Renovations
Richmond, Virginia
220,000 gsf (study); 15,000 gsf (renovations)
$4,000,000 (Phase I)
2008 (study); 2010 (renovations)

In 2008, Ellenzweig and BCWH completed a programming and feasibility study for new building and renovation scenarios to provide updated research and teaching facilities for the School of Pharmacy. The study included research labs (including modular research space for the Departments of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry, and Pharmaceutics), vivarium space, teaching labs, classrooms, lecture halls, faculty offices, administrative space, student spaces, and lounge/break-out areas. A new building of 220,000 gsf was programmed.

In 2010, the Ellenzweig/BCWH team completed the first phase of 15,000 gsf of renovations to the existing School of Pharmacy building at $3.5 million.

Ellenzweig served as Architect for Programming and Conceptual Design, working with BCWH, Architect for Final Design and Construction.