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Harvard University
Nocera Laboratory
Cambridge, Massachusetts
12,500 gsf

Ellenzweig provided a feasibility study, lab planning, and design through construction administration services for renovations to existing space to accommodate new research laboratories for the Professor Dan Nocera’s Research Group in the Mallinckrodt and Conant Building within the Cabot Science Complex of Harvard University.

The 11,000 gsf renovation project provides 25 researcher workstations and write-up desk spaces.  Support spaces include an instrumentation facility, chemical storage room, glove box room, videoconferencing/seminar room, and kitchenette. In addition to the chemistry labs on the third floor of Conant, the work included the renovation of outdated lab space in the basement of Mallinckrodt for use as new state-of-the-art laser labs, as well as the construction of a new mechanical penthouse on the roof of the Conant building.

The Nocera Laboratory renovation is one of Harvard's 2014 Green Carpet Award Winners.  The award was presented by Harvard's Office of Sustainability, which recognizes outstanding efforts of teams and individuals across Harvard to create a healthy, more sustainable campus.  Sustainable features incorporated into the Nocera laboratories include energy-efficient HVAC systems, efficient lighting and day-lighting fixtures, and water-efficient lab process equipment.  The Nocera Laboratory achieved a 41% reduction in water use and an 11% reduction in lighting power density.

The project achieved LEED Gold certification.