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Genetics and Cancer Research Complex
Gainesville, Florida
280,000 gsf

The 280,000 gsf research facility at the University of Florida's Gainesville campus includes two components: the Genetics and Cancer Research Center (GCRC) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR) laboratory pavilion. The GCRC is a multidisciplinary biomedical research facility for the University of Florida Genetics Institute and its Cancer Center; it also houses administrative operations. The building program includes the Maples Center for Forensics Medicine, vivarium, biocontainment laboratories, and other core laboratory functions. The project also includes a 4,000-ton cooling tower facility remote from the main building, providing chilled water for the complex.

The research facility provides the Genetics Institute and the Cancer Center with laboratory space to increase the level of funded grant research, and affords efficiencies in operation through the consolidation of core support facilities. Core facilities in the GCRC include a micro-array lab, bioinformatics suite, gene transfer lab, and a greenhouse.

The Biotechnology Laboratory Pavilion provides 20,000 net square feet for the research, training, and administrative operations of the ICBR, formerly located in six different facilities. The core laboratory facilities in the ICBR are utilized by the research programs conducted in the GCRC as well as other campus-wide entities. These core facilities include an electron microscopy suite (SEM, TEM), a molecular services suite, and a mass spectrometry lab.

The exterior of the building was designed in sympathy to the predominant architecture of the Gainesville campus, using “Gainesville red” brick and a vertical organization of façade elements to reflect the Tudor/Gothic overtones of some of the older campus buildings. The project achieved LEED certification.

Ellenzweig served as Design Architect and Laboratory Planner in association with Hunton Brady Architects, Architect-of-Record.