Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Projects : teaching  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Main Group Classroom Renovations, Phases 1, 2, and 3
Cambridge, MA
12,000 gsf

Over the past 30 years, Ellenzweig has programmed and designed more than 40 new and renovated classrooms and lecture halls on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. This collaboration has been an on-going investigation into the highest standards of classroom design for state-of-the-art audio visual upgrades. The most recent project is the Main Group Classroom Renovations, which to date has included the renovation of 11 classrooms.

Classrooms included in this project phase are used primarily by the Departments of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Humanities, Mechanical Engineering, and Ocean Engineering.

The Main Group classrooms were programmed and designed in close consultation with a high-ranking interdisciplinary client team to create learning environments that integrate current and emerging trends in teaching. The classrooms that resulted from this process include full multi-media capabilities, supported by sophisticated lighting, user-friendly touch screen panel systems, and optimal acoustical conditions, with provisions for the future implementation of distance learning instruction. The multi-zone, dimmable, indirect fluorescent lighting is energy efficient and supports simultaneous chalkboard and projection use. The audio-visual systems provide for multiple projection sources, web-based teaching, and for future upgrades. All of these elements were coordinated and integrated in an understated design that emphasizes natural lighting, warm and durable materials, and the thoughtful integration of classroom technologies in the interest of the faculty and students.